About GMBS

Global Music Business Seminars -calendar

GMBS is a Google calendar that contains information about -you got it – seminars and conferences that are targeted to people who work in, or close to, music industry. If i say MIDEM, Popkomm and London Calling, you get the picture.

How to use GMBS?

To view the calendar, just click here

If you already are a Google calendar user , you can add GMBS to your calendar list by clicking the link on top of the sidebar.

If you are a mac user, and you want to copy this calendar to your iCal, just click here and copy the URL to your calendar.

if you use Microsoft Outlook or any other calendar that reads XML, click here to get the XML file. There might some issues implementing the calendar to Outlook, but good luck, and let us know if it works or if it does’nt (we use Google calendar so we did’nt bother to test this throughout :))

Updating GMBS

If you feel that there are events missing from GMBS, or that we have incorrect information, please let us know. Mail us to Lauri@sahacreative.fi or post a comment to this blog.

Who are we and why do we do this?

The company behind GMBS is called Saha Creative Events. we organise the Finnish annual music industry conference “Musiikki & Media” in close co operation with Musex, Music Export Finland. We more or less have to collect this information for ourselves anyway, so it really is not a big effort to share it. We hope that this calendar helps you in your daily work. Please let us hear your comments, Please link to us on your own blog or www site, and please share this url with your colleagues.


Kimmo Pekari & Lauri Laurila


9 Responses to About GMBS

  1. very cool… about time someone did this!

  2. Ju Polimeno says:

    Very useful, I’ll search and add the brazilian seminars to it. tk’s

  3. Phil Tripp says:

    From the other end of the earth, Australia, glad to see it. Will add the AustralAsian Music Business Conference August 16-18 in Sydney, our 8th edition which happens every other year.

  4. This is a great initiative, congratulations and thank you, this tool will be
    most helpful to everyone working in the music business.

  5. Sai Gordon says:

    Great Tool!!! Thank you for creating it.

  6. Dorian Lucy says:

    I love the effort to help musician interact and to know more about music, through these confrences, Keep me updated I would love to attend one.

  7. Creative Connection PR & CC Media Group says:

    This is a great source! Please, keep it updated. GMBS is perfect for providing continued support to people who dedicate themselves to the music business. Thank you for the effort and the fantastic idea.

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